Fashionistas have never been shy about using undergarments as a fashion statement, and fishnets seem to be no exception to that rule. I am obsessing over the bold comeback of fishnets!


Whether it is under your ripped jeans, with shorts, skirts, dresses, or even peeping out of the top of your jeans, they spice up your outfit.  I know it may be a little intimidating or too daring for some people who like to take a more simple approach to their outfits (and those who don’t usually expose underwear lol), but it doesn’t have to be.  Like I mentioned, putting it under some ripped jeans gives the perfect twist to a “basic” outfit.


Las fishnets están de súper moda ahorita y me encantan porque se pueden usar con muchas cosas y le dan un toque extra a tu look. Pueden llegar a ser algo intimidantes, pero es una tendencia que se puede usar de muchas maneras, dependiendo que tanto quieres que se vean.  Aquí me los puse debajo de unos jeans.  ¿Que opinan?










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