Why settle for going to watch a movie in a basic theater when the cinema can be an over the top, luxurious experience?

CMX Cinema is transforming the timeless outing of going to the movies into a gourmet, cocktail, champagne, and wine night while watching a movie.  The combination of that with the gigantic reclining seats and blanket have movie night becoming my new favorite thing to do on Friday nights.  You can even pre-buy tickets and order food and drinks so that it’s all ready when you arrive.  Kudos for putting a new spin on movie nights! Here are a few photos from the Grand Opening Event! #FavoriteThings

Por fin cines CMX en Miami!  Son los primeros cines CMX en Estados Unidos pero van a abrir varios en el país.  Fui a la inauguración de los cines donde cantaron The Hot Sardines y nos dieron tour completo del lugar.  Aparte del bar lujoso y los asientos deliciosos, la ubicación de los cines en Brickell City Center no podría estar mejor!

Photo Apr 28, 10 01 17 AM



Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 1.20.35 PM

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